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Urban history humanities

Qingyuan is a young and full of charm city, the guangdong provincial city, is one of the biggest cities as of geographical area of guangdong province and guangdong province main settlements of ethnic minorities. Jurisdiction: qingyuan city (qing city) and pure and fresh and district, fe gang county, yangshan county, south yao autonomous county, lianshan zhuang and yao autonomous county, and hosting the British and the city, the city two county-level cities, 2 district 2, 4 county, with a total area of 1.9 square kilometers.

Qingyuan has been rated as the civilized city of guangdong province, the health city, and by the national departments awarded China excellent tourist city, the hometown of China's floating, the hometown of Chinese dragon boat, the hometown of Chinese hot springs, the hometown of China's hole, the hometown of Chinese stone. Is known as "the pearl river delta garden". East Asian subtropical monsoon climate zone, annual average temperature 20.7 ℃, the minimum temperature for January, the highest temperature is in July.

Qingyuan city, guangdong province, is minorities population mainly, is localized in the province's most populous city of ethnic minorities. Ethnic minority areas including mountains, even south two autonomous county and city sanshui, yao Ann and the scale of milford, yangshan county a total area of 3130 square kilometers, the city has 41 ethnic composition and minority population of about 210000 people.

Local Scenery
  • Cave scenic wonderland

    Cave scenic wonderland

    Rock cave fairyland (aka wear day), in the German city of guangdong province town, Kowloon west 2 kilometers, is a cave, and through the mountain streams on a cruise, process about 200 meters, wide hole to hole hall, stalactites form is diversiform, ceiling has 2 hole borne, light to penetrate into the hole. Hole with a piece of land, with dense shade plants, thickly dotted, branches and leaves dancing, a primitive state, the hole like this small forest is a rare spectacle wind. Famous scenic spot of scenic spot has a life of turtle reflected your blessing, guanyin, green island in ten thousand, etc.

  • Longdong scenic spot

    Longdong scenic spot

    Gold longdong is located in the qingyuan city fresh county pool town liujia hole sections, qing highway. Gold longdong mountain, all the year round mild climate, abundant rainfall, water clear and transparent. Diameter hole in the northwest of the tiger, there is bright dive into the river, toward the southeast to have more than two thousand meters, return to Kowloon peak (fei ngo shan), v streaming of limestone cave. Hole rugged twists and turns, branches, more ups and downs, now and hidden underground river, known chief three kilometers, is a world of rare large cave, because of its similar to tenglong, sediment concentration distribution of the hole with orange, yellow or orange, rendering Jin Lin swatches, glittering, so the name "golden longdong". Hole in the water, land, two pieces are the city's development is about 1500 meters, 600 meters is on a boat on the underground lake, lined with wonders, spectacular, various stalactites, various, expecting to make people think. Land Tours, the most distinctive is three things: the one is in a pool bar, such as big alligator rocks float on the water, named "crocodile lake" in one thousand; The second is a group of stalactites, knock the voice of oblique, named "music of rock"; Three is a 4 meters high, positive arc 10 meters wide round bowl of rock, glittering under the lamp, can be seen from different angles in three different colors, worthy of the name is one of the world's largest natural "cornucopia", it is tempting to weapon of nature.

  • Taihe ancient hole scenic tourist area

    Taihe ancient hole scenic tourist area

    Tai scenic area is located in the ancient hole and fresh flowers jianshan area north of the city, old 107 national highway, 2 kilometers away from the county seat, is about 5 km away from downtown, south from the 70 in guangzhou. Taihe ancient hole is one of the places of historic interest in qingyuan city, built in the qing xianfeng four years (AD 1856), has a history more than one hundred and fifty years. The ancient hole is generally divided into two parts, the mountains, mountain, the mountain by religious culture and natural scenery, carved stone fude, grand and beautiful castle peak green water, make the person feel in penglai fairyland. Mountain is given priority to with modern civilization, have physical training base, continental barbecue, and end, etc. Scenic area in the high mountains, such as cutting, tall skyscraper. Lin He deep, waterfall and impending, screen the mountainous peaks, green, white color is the human LangYuan, li jin chardonnay weave was born in penglai, is the leisure vacation paradise. Here has a long history of lingshan the ancient view, taihe halls, taoyuan fairy hall, goddess of mercy pavilion, mammon, transshipment pavilion, incense heyday, attraction, or for a exploration and consummation core value and desire, or an endless stream, famous overseas.

  • FeiLaiXia scenic spot

    FeiLaiXia scenic spot

    FeiLaiXia scenic area is located in qingyuan city 20 kilometers upstream of beijiang river. FeiLaiXia commonly known as "fly", more than 70 kilometers of guangzhou in the south, 26 km away from qingyuan city at the west. Here, the "reputation austral scenery and monuments xiashan" again, the main attraction is the "ancient" "wide" "beauty", "characteristic". It is integrated with the natural landscape and human landscape, is the provincial-level scenic spots and tourist resorts, is Taoism 19 elysian fields. FeiLaiXia 9 km, is the most magnificent, steep in beijiang river three gorges. Fjard have 36 peaks on both sides, fengfeng famous, beautiful, has a name in the history of early. River, open, fjard confrontation, in the construction of temples, pavilions, floor, are interested in the subduction between lush landscape color, form a quaint peaceful nature. In sunny days, here is calm, waves, lift up the mountains is green and luxuriant., jiangwan green pure withdraw, a school of poetry, intoxicating. Ancient celebrities through the gorge, scholars always all fu poetry, xiashan scenery like singing to him. Zhang Jiuling, han yu in the tang dynasty, song dynasty su dongpo, harry in the Ming dynasty, qing dynasty amdal s letters, had come to fly xia, leaving a large number of verses.

  • The Xuan Zhen ancient hole eco-tourism district

    The Xuan Zhen ancient hole eco-tourism district

    Qing Xin district Xuan Zhen ancient hole eco-tourism Qing Xin district area is located in the Qing Yuan city fresh north, is only two kilometers from downtown qingyuan, drive less than ten minutes, covers an area of 12000 acres, is a "enjoy the scenery pleasure, the exploration natural mystery, the leisure" as the theme of the integrated resort. Set landscape in the area, the forest of steles, rare stone and so on natural landscape, the religious culture, rafting, exploration, field, villas, recreational centers, hotels, restaurant, barbecue, archery, fishing and other entertainment projects, is a new tourism hotline and the holy land of choice for leisure.

  • Lian Zhou The underground river

    Lian Zhou The underground river

    Lian Zhou The underground river is located in the state of 26 km east north of downtown vicious town, with its mysterious underground river, magnificent stalactites and caves and renowned Chinese and foreign, are the first river in guangdong. It is hidden in the landform of the male in the big big cavern, is a large underground river water-eroded cave, will be divided into three layers from top to bottom, tour area of 60000 square meters. Natural hole wide open majestic, place oneself among them, a "new world" feeling arises spontaneously. Mountains along the border in guangdong xiang-gui three provinces, is a subtropical karst cave landscape rivers. The geologist analysis that the cave was formed by crustal movement 200 million years ago. Lian Zhou The underground river scenic points two parts of the land and waterways, land for karst cave, waterways for underground river. The amphibious two swim Lian Zhou The underground riverr, with the grand finale, the magnificent landscape and unique combination of lingnan well is. Famous writer Mr Qin Mu calls "mysterious underground river" in town. Hole in the four seasons temperature kept at 18 ℃ to 22 ℃, humidity from 96% to 98%, and the hole containing oxygen content as high as 21.4% - 21.4%, carbon dioxide levels only between 0.01% and 0.019%, the air is fresh, warm in winter and cool in summer, it is a shrine to travel.

  • Qingyuan GuLongXia

    Qingyuan GuLongXia

    Qingyuan drift GuLongXia international base is located in the qingyuan city fresh zone, only 68 km from downtown guangzhou, wide high-speed non-stop scenic spot. Qingyuan is the hometown of China's floating and GuLongXia as culmination of qingyuan drift, is the industry comments as "guangdong see far, qingyuan drift at cologne". Gulong canyon in reclusion in the vast mountains. Hundreds of meters in elevation difference of unfathomable village peaks of the clip, the sceneries on both sides of the deep valley, spring waterfall cascades, cliff inclined from trees, grass had been. GuLongXia drift, is one of the most exciting rafting in guangdong. Elevation difference of km of gulong canyon drift gives a distinctive features, waterfalls, deep pools, stone, jungle, rare plants, cliff confrontation, qifeng stands, beach water, YinBao splash, fly with boat, walk change scene, the beauty of nature is a shock for it. The first track is known as "guangdong" : this is the state general administration of sports in 2008 on the authority of the drift GuLongXia international track evaluation. "In the first organ" unfathomable cliff great falls, monomer drops 101 meters, from the sky like a dragon, wild, majestic. Under the cliff cliff wall impact, provoked waves into the canyon.


self-driving route

Guangzhou starting (about 1.5 hours)

Line 1: South China Express Line - Guangqing expressway - Qinglian expressway- Longjing exit, turn right 300 m

Line2 :Airport Express - Guangle expressway (Yingde, Lechang direction) - Yuanxiang exit - Qingyuan Avenue (s354 province road to Qingyuan city) - Yujin Street (Henghe overpass direction)- guangqing expressway - Qingyuan Bridge - Qinglian expressway (Lianzhou direction) - Longjing exit,turn right 300 m

Line 3: Airport Express - North Second Ring Road - Guang Qing expressway - Qinglian - Longjing exit, turn right 300 m

Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan starting(about 2.5 hours)

Guangshen expressway - North Second Ring Road - Guang Qing expressway - Longjing exit, turn right 300 m

Foshan starting(1.5 hours)

Foshan expressway - Guangzhou Beltway - South China Expressway - guangqing expressway - Qinglian expressway - Longjing exit, turn right 300 m

Macau, Zhuhai, Zhongshan departure

Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway - North Second Ring Road - Guang Qing Expressway - Qinglian Expressway- Longjing exit, turn right 300 m


Zhongjiang Expressway - Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway - North Second Ring Road - Guang Qing Expressway - Qinglian - Longjing exit, turn right 300 m


Qinglian - Longjing exit, turn right 300 m


Qinglian - Longjing exit, turn right 300 m