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  • Roast Suckling Pig

    Selected the very tender suckling pig as ingredient;the roasting technique highlights the chef’s skills.the chefs of Dasanyuan Restaurant use the original technique with secret ingredients.To distinguish with other restaurants, the Dasanyuan Restaurant’s"Roast Suckling Pig"Not just the pig skin is crispy & crunchy,but the meat is extremely tender;crisp and tenderness are perfect combination,the contrast feeling is very enjoyable,aroma spread all over the room;
  • Renowned Smoked Chicken

    “Renowned Smoked Chicken is created by Mr. Guisheng Zhou, from Jiangsu,he was appointed the magistrate of Xinhui county at the late Qing Dynasty.he set up a cooked meat stall by the street for living,selling cooked meet product only.He is a county magistrate who created a chicken dish combined both Jiangsu characteristic and Cantonese flavour,so the dish is called"Renowned Smoked Chicken"renowned in Guangzhou.The chef of Smoked Chicken are hired by Dasanyuan Restaurant, so"Renowned Smoked Chicken"this dish become the signature dish of Dasanyuan Restaurant.”
  • Triple Star Fotiaoqiang

    has no flavour additive"salt,oil,artificial color,MSG,sugar";the soup in Fotiaoqiang is original.the Fotiaoqiang series includes,Superior Fotiaoqiang,Deluxe Fotiaoqiang,Traditional Fotiaoqiang:all the Fotiaoqiang contains,varieties of famous and precious ingredients, optimized the traditional Fotiaoqiang for the Beijing gourmets."Triple Star Fotiaoqiang"We select local mineral water and Chai Chicken with a lot of ingredients for our double boiled soup;hours have been taken to boil the soup,No wonder the ancient poem says:Open the jar all the neighbors can smell the fragrance,Even the Buddha jumped over the wall for this dish high reputation.
  • Braised Cuiping Lake Fish Head with Sauce

    Chairman Mao was a fish head lover, he used to say that:"eating big fish head will benefit your brain and become cleverer".There is also a saying from gourmets "Fish is better than pork, fish head is better than fish meat."saying.
  • Beef Rib with Red Wine Sauce

    There was an excellent steak chef in France, who has a lot of guests,but he is still not satisfied with his product. One day, he was pondering when drinking,suddenly he thought why not combine beef texture with red wine. The dish still very popular until now.
  • Sheep Haslet Soup & Pancake

    Chinese people like lamb and they consume lamb from a long time ago,From the Chinese character point of view, the character of sheep is similar to the character of beauty,the character of sheep also has other fortunate meaning,the characters of beauty and kindness all consists within the character of sheep.In the Book of Songs,there was a saying:when the Sun sets, sheep & cows come back to home.The Sheep Haslet Soup is very nutritious, and it has lots of Protein,Fat,Calcium,Phosphorus,Ferrum,Nicotinic Acid,Vitamin,etc.Chinese medicine doctors believe the sheep haslet has mild nature which can benefit the Heart,Liver,Spleen,Lungs.
  • Spiced Shredded Rabbit

    Rabbit meat is fragrant and mild, which has a long aftertaste,It is a dish which will go great with wine.
  • Roasted Sea Cucumber in Bamboo Tube

    The Sea Cucumbers are cooked as a home cooking dish, which has rich flavour,mushroom and bamboo fragrance, what a delicacy;with the delicate modeling; it is a perfect selection for business banquet.
  • Dongpo Pork

    Full of fine protein and Vitamin B1,B2,Nicotinic Acid with low sugar content,Pork nature is slightly cool,can remove internal heat and nourish kidneys.
  • Grilled Australian Beef Ribs

    Beef can nourish kidney and stomach,strengthen muscles and bones, reduce phlegm,thirst and saliva, the dish can improve,hard breathe, weakness,sore bone and muscles,it is good for those with anemia, yellowish complexion and dizziness.
  • Fried Beef Cubes with Mushrooms

    Beef has high protein,low fat and various amino acid and mineral substance,its digestibility is very high,Well cooked by chefs, the beef is well accepted by guests.almost every table will order this dish and every guest will like the dish,this dish has the highest order rate in the restaurant and it is the guests’ favourite.
  • Braised Bamboo Bird’s Nest with Brown Sauce

    The bamboo bird’s nest is also called bamboo fungus or bamboo flower,bamboo mushroom and puccinia,it’s a very rare mushroom.It is grown from the bamboo juice in the bamboo worms when the temperature is appropriate.The bamboo fungus absorb nutrition from both bamboo juice and bamboo worms.The plants, worms and mushrooms all grow together, which is rarely seen in the world.The taste of the fungus is like bird’s nest, very smooth and cool, it combines freshness,tenderness,crisp,and freshness together,so it is called the botanical bird’s nest,it is even more tasty and nutritious under chef’s careful cooking.
  • Fried Peppery Chicken

    About 12 years ago, there was a restaurant near the Gele Mountain 300-Stair,which launched this spicy peppery chicken.The ingredient of this dish must be selected, the chicken must be fresh home grown rooster,so that the freshness and tenderness are guaranteed.Pepper Chicken, tonifying Qi and blood,building up energy,tonic, has a lot of unsaturated fat is an ideal protein resource for elderly cardiovascular patients.
  • Roasted Sea Cucumber with Bamboo-Charcoal

    Fragrance of mushrooms and lotus leaves permeate into the sea cucumber.With new cooking method, we select 5-year or older bamboo as the charcoal tube ingredients.After more than 30 days of thousand-degree calcination, the bamboo charcoal contains a lot of mineral substance.
  • Stewed Three Selenium Treasures

    Adopting local ingredients rich in selenium, go with bull’s penis,dressing with abalone sauce, the dish tastes tender,with rich nutrition,and intense flavour.
  • Osmanthus Cake

    A local dim sum in Chongqing which is clear as crystal, melt in the mouth,with the function of reducing phlegm and stopping cough.
  • Pan-fried Angus Beef Steak with Japanese Sauce

    Angus beef is tender and has high protein.Its fat content is much lower than common beef with lots of nutrition.Beef has high protein,being not only a food but also a tonic. Fresh and tender Angus steak pan-fried for five minutes,spread with mayonnaise and mustard. When tasting the beef,the orange aroma will go over the mouth.
  • Chicken in Bread

    French Bread+Dalian Abalone+Hubei Chestnut+Local earthy chicken.This dish collects the sauce from fresh Abalone,with Abalone’s freshness,chicken’s richness and chestnut’s sweetness all mixed together,plus French Bread,it will give the unique palate experience to the guest.
  • Beef Cubes with Balsamic Vinegar

    Red label beef without any food additives.Balsamic vinegar is added, the beef is juicy and tender,which will lead you to an everlasting taste.
  • Fried Rice Vermicelli with Cabbage

    The rice vermicelli and cabbage is fried with vinegar with chili. The crystal rice vermicelli and verdant cabbage,give good colour,aroma and flavour.Appetizing,delicious,and healthy, the dish is sour and spicy,and can ignite the palate.Main ingredients.Rice Vermicelli,Cabbage,Sour Cowpea,Dried Chili.
  • Stewed Beef Short Rib in Stone Pot

    Beef short ribs contains high protein,rich in Iron,Vitamin, Zinc,Phosphorus and Amino Acid, which can reduce phlegm and stop coughing,strengthen muscles and tendons,helpful to relieve fatigue,also can strengthen bones,improve immunity.the dish has colourful appearance and full of chili aroma,rich in flavour and tender in texture.Black Pepper Sauce, Beef Short Rib.
  • Signature Cod Fish Roll

    Cod fish meat is thick and solid,with little spine,fresh and high in protein.the fat content is lower than rich in various vitamins and high grade protein.French people call it the liquid gold.The dish is salty and tender with crispy outside and tender inside,which has golden colour and beautiful appearance.Cod Fish, Cheese Bread, Rice Net.
  • Chicken & Tofu in Soup

    We boiled Chicken with Evergrande Spring to create the soup, with 6 hours of cooking. North-east soybean to be soaked for several hours to produce the home made tofu.this dish has high protein but low cholesterol,which can stabilize spleen and stomach, improve digestion,and clear heat, good for young and old.fine cutting, smooth tofu fresh texture and balanced nutrition,sweat,salty, which has a cool nature tofu, Chicken soup coccid.
  • Huangqiao Sesame Cake

    Originated from Huangqiao Ancient County,oily but not greasy, fresh and crispy famous in Taixing, it is a good choice for gift.our pastry chef use local ingredients, amend the recipe to suit the local palate.
  • Roasted Pork of Zhouxin Style

    We use fresh ingredients for the dish,adopting local home-grown pig, with seasoning,condiment,after hours of air-dry and roasting to make the pork has a golden yellow and crispy skin.with an unforgettable taste;it is a must-order dish for local people’s celebration and ceremony.happy Competitive price, elegant ambience,this is a perfect place for friends to get together.
  • Assorted Treasures in Pumpkin

    Soft pumpkin with soup and lilies,red kidney beans,rice vermicelli and other ingredients, creates a rich flavour and soft texture.It is a healthy, nutritious vegetarian dish with endless aftertaste.
  • Roasted Pork Knuckles with Salt

    Pork knuckles contains lots of ossein,which can strengthen the metabolism, improve organ’s function and keep cells moist,hold off aging complexion with unique mouth feel, soft texture and crispy skin.
  • Dry-fried Shark Fin with Crab Meat

    Shark Fin is an important ingredient of Cantonese fine dining.We select bullhead shark’s fin as ingredient.After several procedures, the shark’s fin is soft and transparent,fresh in flavour,crispy but not but not heavy.Fried with crab meat, golden and shiny,the dish is charred outside and moist inside.
  • Stewed Teal with Pickles

    A new fashion Cantonese cuisine, Teal meat can warm the heart and tone Qi,nourish liver, repair yin deficiency,tonic but not over the top, which can strengthen the body and has high medicinal value. Plus Chinese pickles,mushrooms and condiment,all stewed together, the dish is bright in colour,delicious,salty,tender sour and rich in aftertaste being a good tonic choice.
  • Fried Wontons with Treasures in Ginseng Soup

    Our chefs combine the old and new method of Cantonese cuisine, create a new appearance for the traditional Cantonese fried wonton.Creative dish appearance, Chinese watermelon and shrimp meat in a cup of ginseng soup, in addition with the fried wanton,it will let you be at ease.
  • Fried Beef with Cucumber Flower

    The cucumber flower from green farm is a new type of food ingredients.Crispy cucumber flowers plus tender beef,it is a nutritious dish with balance diet which is worth to try.
  • Braised Five-layer Marble Pork with Rice Grass

    We use straw from Zengcheng rice and five-layer marble pork to make this dish,which is fat but not greasy, as a typical farm dish.