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Design Concept

    Based on the original building concept of Evergrande Hotel, the new design concept of the hotel comes from assimilating the modern architectural design philosophy and merits. Innovatively establishing the “6+1” travel-oriented model, the new hotel design is putting the international conference center, food center, entertainment center, sports center, health center and commercial center around the main hotel building, which is located in the center. With complete facilities equipped and provided, the hotel is devoted into fulfilling different needs for every client. The ultimate goal is to become an international ecological resort with the largest scale, the highest standard and the most comprehensive facilities. 

    Today’s Evergrande Hotel is on its way to its second and third development phrase that is set with multiple purpose from “mainly relying on N+1 travel-oriented products” to “building cultural resort” and “landmark integrated hotel”. In the future, more Evergrande Hotels will be built in more than 20 major cities in the country.


Extraordinary Experience
     The original “6+1”tourism complex mode will provide every guest with the complete, perfect and all-in-one service experience.

      Hotel Main Building-super five-star standard, splendid and magnificent, showing incomparable nobleness and tolerance, illustrating royal treatment; International Conference Center—gathering hall for outstanding talents, drawing on the wisdom of the masses, devising strategies within a command tent and grasping the trend of the business world; Dining Center—gathering global cuisines, enables you to taste the global gourmet without traveling worldwide; Entertainment Center—making you experience the excellence a colorful music world; Health Center—indulging in the relaxation and comfort; Sports Center—sweating and strengthening the body; Shopping Center—a gathering hall of fashions all over the world. 


Butler Service

    Evergrande Hotels & Resorts commits itself to build the featured service brand “Platinum Butler”.

    The so-called “Platinum Butler” is providing the VIPs with the more professional and personalized one-stop hotel service including hotel Front Office, Guest Room, and Food & Beverage service, is the gathering of service staff, babysitter, security guard, coordinator, director, designer, psychologist, nutritionist and know-all person.


Full Satisfaction
   Evergrande Hotels & Resorts insists on the vision “Perfecting Every Detail, Delighting Every Customer”, adhering to the Evergrande Hotel hospitality concept, merging the advanced management model and personalized service concept, striving to focus on the details and positively improve the service quality. Evergrande Hotels & Resorts inherits the hospitality “Hearty care, efficient service and sincere communication”, endeavors to bring the warm greetings and enthusiastic caring for every guest.

     Evergrande Hotels have already received a lot of celebrities since established, including De-Jiang Zhang, famous economist Yi-Ning Lee, Florentino, the chairman of Real Madrid and Lippi the former coach of the Evergrande Football Club etc., and has also hosted Peking University Alumni Association, Expedition Ceremony and Triumphant Return Ceremony for Siling Yi, the Olympic Champion. So far, hundreds of couples has experienced the gorgeous and fantastic wedding parties at Evergrande Hotels, and received the most unforgettable moment of their lives. Evergrande Hotels win the guests’ praise and highly reputation through its thoughtful kindness and patient service.