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Chongqing Evergrande Hotel Won “Cuisine Rich in Selenium by Celebrity Chef”

Chongqing     Release Time :2015-05-19Times of View :16835

    The First Cuisine Rich in Selenium Competition was Rounded off Perfectly 

    The first Cuisine Rich in Selenium final competition and award ceremony in Jiangjin District, Chongqing, was held in Dingshan Plaza on 21th November, 2014. The various delicacies drew a lot of citizens’ attention and were highly praised.

    It was reported that the activity had attracted over 1000 F&B entities to apply since later September. 30 of them were selected to take part in the contest and there would be several awards such as Famous Jiangjin Cuisine Rich in Selenium, Famous Jiangjin Dessert Rich in Selenium, Famous Jiangjin Banquet Rich in Selenium and Famous Jiangjin Chef.

    To help the citizens more intuitively to know cuisine rich in selenium, chefs from Chongqing Evergrande Hotel almost carried the whole kitchen to the spot. With pots, spoons, soup, seasoning as well as their excellent artistry, the chefs created a unique banquet combining delicate flavor and healthy ingredients by ingeniously adding selenium into the dishes. All chefs from Chongqing Evergrande Hotel know well about the secrets of seasonal food, and they focus on the development of healthy food and the creativity of new dish to show guests the classic healthy cuisine and organic ingredient of high quality. Besides, the unique natural environment would definitely increase the splendor of the dishes.


    Chongqing Evergrande Hotel, located in the well-known “Village of Longevity”, Jiangjin. In June 2012, Jiangjin became the only Village of Longevity of Chongqing. There were 122 people over 100-year-old. But what is the secret? Ignoring the fresh air, good ecological environment, healthy mentality and wonderful life, experts believe that the enrichment of microelement like selenium is an important factor. According to the science report, selenium, named as “King of Anticancer”, is a kind of microelement which human body needs. Then it is obvious that the secret of longevity is blended in the cuisine, providing guests who pursue health and gastronome with a unique feast!